How to Document (Documentation Part 2)

In my last post I talked about why you should include documentation in your projects and the different types of documentation. This week I am going to mention some tools »

Why Document (Documentation Part 1)

There are lots of reason programmers need to write documents; almost as many as there are different documents to write. Let's break this down and go over each type of »

Prototypes By Example

In my previous post I discussed the theory behind how prototype works. In this post we are going to look at some examples and discuss ways they can be used »


I am going to try and help explain the most often misunderstood topic in JavaScript, which is prototypes. So if you question anything I say please comment below so we »

Monolithic vs Microcentric

There is another layer to creating applications which can be modularized. Instead of making a single, monolithic application, you can create a bunch of applications, microservices, which when combined do »

How Complex is That Code?

I had been writing one section of code all day. It was doing a lot of data prep and then comparing some data and I was creating another for loop »

Can You Deliver This For Me

One concept I keep coming across and thinking about is a message queue. Message queues are one approach that can be used to overcome several different problems. What is a »

What About Modules

I have written some pretty complex code. I have also worked on some code that was pretty complex. What made the code seem complex was that it would either take »

The How of Sharing

In my earlier article I talked about the different ways to represent data that is being communicated or stored. As I mostly work in JavaScript and mostly on web applications »

Speaking the Languages of Sharing

While I could talk about the sharing economy or some of the disruptive new companies which allow sharing to make a better world like Airbnb, Uber, or Declara, and while »