Optimization Concepts

How to optimize your application using specific optimization concepts or techniques.

Earlier we discussed finding performance issues now we ready to start fixing them. To help you find the most useful optimizations for the items you have already identified the following section will be written more as a reference and organized into several categories.

Overall Application Structure (or Communication)

If the problem seems to be broad and not limited to individual functions or loops, then this might be the place to look. These optimization concepts will be related to the overall structure of your application or a subset of your application. There will be a strong emphasis on communication and messaging techniques here as large systemic problems usually are techniques related to how different parts of the system communicate.

Structures and Algorithms

We will not have all the structures and algorithms here as there are many excellent books on the subject but we will discuss the basics and some that are particularly useful in JavaScript.


JavaScript is a scripting language that is compiled by the JavaScript engine before running and knowing how modern JavaScript engines do their optimizations will let us optimize our code to make the engines more efficient.


While JavaScript has its specifics, the way browsers implement JavaScript adds some additional areas where we want to be aware of in our optimizations.

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